I am really having a wonderful experience with pinkWhale health card. I have never seen a amazing company who treats their customer as their first choice and guide through the process so well. I would strongly recommend the use of the card ,which saves time and takes pressure off the mind knowing that your doctor is really close for advice and guidance,A click away literally. Wish you success in all your endeavours
- Col(Dr) KV Ramesh Chander(Retd)
Very good service, Was very helpful - no issues- Doctor Prasanna Kumar responds promptly. I am very happy that i signed up to pinkWhale virtual service.
- Mr S Ganeshan
I am very happy with your service, its very helpful to us, we are able to reach our doctor when we need. Your support team is very co-operating to all our queries and clarifications.
- Mrs Lakshmi
My name is Abdul Sattar, I am diabetic patient, Last time when I visited Belgaum diabetes centre I registered for pinkWhale Virtual Consultation service with Dr Neeta. I am very happy that Dr Neeta Deshpande is available over phone when I need. Thanks a lot for this service.
- Mr. Abdul Sattar M Gous Bisti
This service is really a great, have used it couple of time till date and am very happy with it. Thanks a lot.
- Mr Chandrashekar Babu
We have always received good service from Dr Aravind. The virtual consult service is another step towards great service. The pinkWhale services helps us with our timings. We hope the same good service continues
- Manjula
We are using pinkWhale card and service, we are very happy and have had no issues from the service. Very good service & support.
- Mrs. Veena
Awesome service, Dr Prasanna Kumar and other staffs at the clinic are very friendly. Great experience with the pinkWhale virtual services so far. Thanks a lot.
- Mrs Pushpaltha M
Good package deal ( face2face + Virtual consultation), am very happy. and moreover was one among the recommended hospital we were consulting \"Dr.Prasanna Kumar \" of CDEC Hospital, Good service.
- Ms. Malathy
Very happy with pinkWhale service, It is very useful & and helpful to me. Thanks for coming up with such a service
- Mr Jaya Kumar
I am a COPD patient and often get admitted to excel care hospital. I have always received a very good service from all doctors, nurses and other staff members from the hospital. The pinkWhale service is very useful for me, I hope the same good service continues from pinkWhale healthcare as well.
- Mr Venkatesh B V
Have your pinkWhale service couple of times, its very useful for parents like us. I am very happy to be able to connect with my child\'s doctor when we need.
- Mrs Nandini ( Mother of baby Shusrutha)
I have used virtual consultation service with Dr Prasanna Kumar couple of time till now. I am very happy with the service & find it very helpful.
- Ms. Manasa
I very happy with the service & will surely use in the future also.
- Mr Narayan Swamy
Very happy with the service. I have a lot of time with the help of this service. Thanks you
- Ms. Dhanalakshmi
I am very happy with your service. Earlier, I had to wait to show my reports in the hospital, but now your service makes it convenient to upload my reports quickly, consult my doctor within 24-48 hours. Doctors reply quickly, and hence my work is done quickly. It saves a lot of time and energy to me....
- Ms.Jayashree
I have used your services a couple of times. It is very helpful as doctors reply my queries within 24 hours, and all of my queries are answered. I am still using your services of online query and consultation as it helps me save time by cutting on the waiting time in the clinic.
- Ms.Suma Murlidhar
I am very happy with Pinkwhale health care services because using Pinkwhale health care card saves our time, energy and travel. I am happy that I don’t have to wait for an appointment anymore in the hospital. Moreover, through your online query services we could make queries with the doctor any time that would be replied as quickly within 24-30 hours.
- Ms.Uma C M
My wife visits Rangadore Memorial Hospital and she had to wait for a long time, like 1-2 hours, to clarify her queries or to consult her medical reports.One of the pink whale customer executives suggested to take an online card through which I could register to make queries to doctors, upload reports for further discussions. This made our work on doctor’s consultation easy as doctors replied within 24-48 hours. I am still continuing with Pinkwhale’s online services as it gives the convenience of following up with our doctors at our pace of time. Thank you Pinkwhale!
- Mr.Venkata Ramana
Pink Whale services are good & convenient to use. It saves my time in terms of meeting the doctor and travel. Thank you so much!
- Ms.Akhila
The best part about Pinkwhale Healthcare services is interaction with the doctors online. There are many health questions & study of reports that doesn\'t require a physical examination. In situations, Pinkwhale online query and consultation services saved my time & energy. I strongly recommend Pinkwhale online health care services for people who wish to save time on trivial follow ups to the doctor’s place.
- Ms.Arpita P
I am using Pinkwhale online health care services to consult and follow up with my doctor. The services are good and satisfactory as it saves time, and travel. Even doctors are caring as they respond to all of my queries promptly and convincingly. Thank you!
- Ms.Usha Kumari
Pinkwhale health care card helped me save my energy & time by connecting me to the doctors online. Earlier, I had to wait to meet doctors to show my reports or to make queries that caused much irritation. But after registering to Pinkwhale’s online services, all of my queries on diet, travel and other simple concerns where an examination was not required were answered online quickly and promptly .
- Ms.Suvinaya A Rao
I am very happy to say that the Pink Whale service is a good & convenient service for us, as I can discuss my reports online with the doctor conveniently and hence avoids unnecessary visits to the clinic.
- Ms.Bhavana HS
Pinkwhale health care online services connected me to doctors who reply well within 24 hours. I am very happy that you have brought a convenient service to us. Now, I can ask simple queries regarding diet/medication any time any where. Eventually, I save a lot of time, money & travel. Thank you...
- Ms.Deepa HG
We stay far from the hospital and frequent travels to the hospital is tedious and time consuming for us. I bought a Pinkwhale health care card from Dr Aruna murlidharan and it helped us meet and discuss with the doctor quickly and conveniently. It helped us save a lot of time, money and travel. I am very happy with Pinkwhale health care services.
- Ms.Leela Sarvagna
I wanted to clarify some questions with the doctor. Pinkwhale’s online health care services facilitated my query response conveniently by connecting me to my doctor online wherein my doctor responded to my query within 2 days. It was very useful & helpful in saving my time and energy.
- Ms.Vijayashree
I am always skeptical about online health query services as the queries are usually unanswered. But having got connected to my doctor through Pinkwhale health care services I got a quick and better response to me queries. Thank you Pinkwhale for facilitating our work!
- Ms.Deepa M
I bought a Pinkwhale health care card from Dr Aruna. I sent my reports to her & she replied within one day. I was perplexed as even in her busy work schedule she responded to my query quickly. I am happy with Pinkwhale health care service!
- Ms.Vedavathi Vijaya Kumar
- Ms.Aarthi
Hi,  Pinkwhale online service helped me reduce my travel and waiting time at my doctor’s place. I could connect with the same doctor (Mrs. Latha Venkatraman) and take her advice online. We could upload and get feedback on our reports as well. It is a very useful and convenient platform for health care services!
- Ms.Sunitha Dishan
- Ms.Nandini Rao
Thanks for the facility of online consultation with reputed doctor! It saved a lot of valuable time with out waiting for hours together even for a small problem. The doctor\'s response is very fast and it helped me to understand my problem easily. The consultation charge is also not heavy. It can be bared even by middle class families. Thanks pinkwhale for the great innovation!
- Ms.Y. P. Kiranmayi.
- Ms.Malathy Narayanan
- Mr.Sunny Jacob