The Joy of Breast Feeding

The Joy of Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is the most intimate relationship that a mother and the baby shares. Although natural, this process is not easy in the initial weeks. There are many queries that cross your mind with regard to breast feeding for the new moms. The concerns are many – from buying a nursing bra to when is the correct time to stop breast feeding the baby. This blog is aimed at creating awareness about breast- feeding.

Benefits of Breast Feeding:

Feeding the infant with mother’s milk for at least six months prevents from the obesity and strengthens his immunity, protecting the infant against infections and common diarrhea.

Recommended by Doctors:

Doctors recommend breast feed the babies every two to three hours during the first few weeks.
World Health Organization has also recommended breastfeeding for six months strictly, which means no external sources of solid or liquid food including water should be given to the baby.

Breast feeding benefits for the Mother:

Breastfeeding benefits the lactating mothers as the blood loss after delivery is considerably less, better uterus shrinkage.
Helps fight against post-partum depression, reduced risks of breast cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Other Benefits of Breast Feeding

Breast milk is any day better for the baby. It is an essential element in the growth and development of the babies and is integral for women’s reproductive process. There are many benefits of breastfeeding to the baby:

  1. Skin to skin contact improves cardio-respiratory stability
  2. Helps in overall development and growth of the infants
  3. Protects against sudden infant death syndrome, diabetes, obesity, allergic reactions, leukemia.
  4. Not feeding the baby can make him prone to chronic diseases
  5. Breast milk has anti-infective factors like bile salts and lactoferrin that prevents amoebic infection and intestinal bacterial growth respectively
  6. Post-partum depression is common amongst women post-delivery. However, breast feeding can improve mental and emotional health, thus there is less post-partum depression.
  7. Lactational amenorrhea brings back the fertility to woman’s life.

Today, government has also started supporting women to breastfeed by offering a mandatory 6-months leave post pregnancy. This crucial six-month time can make important growth and health changes in the baby’s body. While nursing, the lactating mothers should restrict their intake of spices, hot foods, alcohol which may enter the infant’s body. The lactating mothers must also inform their doctors about their on-going prescribed medicine as it should not interfere with the health of the new born.

Breastfeeding awareness week is celebrated in the first week of august in almost 120 countries. WABA, WHO and UNICEF came together to organize World Breastfeeding Week to raise awareness of the multiple health benefits of nursing the infants for six months as it helps in proper development and growth of the baby, provide critical nutrients, and provide protection from many infections and diseases as the mother’s milk have anti-infective factors.

Every mother must take responsibility of nursing their child for their better future. Apart from responsibility, is the most intimate relationship shared amongst human beings which must be cherished.