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Steps to safe Safe motherhood

Steps to safe Safe motherhood

  1. Educated girls having nutritious diet through out childhood and teenage years have healthy babies and go through pregnancy and childbirth safely if child bearing age begins after 18 years of age.
  2. Childbearing risks for mother and her baby can be reduced if a woman is well nourished and healthy before becoming pregnant.
  3. During pregnancy and while breast feeding mother should be fed nutrient dense foods in increased quantities. More rest should be emphasized. Micro-nutrient supplements should be consumed to ensure proper development of babies.
  4. Every pregnat women need at least 4 prenatal care visits to help ensure safe and healthy pregnancy.
  5. Pregnant women and their families should be able to recognize warning signs of labor and pregnancy complications. They should have plans and resources for skilled birth.
  6. Posts natal care for the mother and child reduces risk of complications.
  7. Mother and child should be checked regularly during first 24 hours after child birth, in the first week, and again six weeks after birth.
  8. A healthy mother, safe birth, essential new born care and attention, a loving family and a clean environment contribute to new born health and survival.
  9. At work place a pregnant women should be protected from discrimination and exposure to health risks and granted time to breast feed or express breast milk. They should be entitled to maternity leave, employment protection, medical benefits and cash support.
  10. Every woman has teh right to quality healthcare, especially a pregnant woman or a new mother. Health workers should be technically competent and sensitive to cultural practices and should treat all women, including adolescent girls with respect.