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Health for All

On this world health day we wish you and your family to have a great health. Health is the top most priority for all of us.  This day, we bring to you top 10 ways to promote health and well-being. With busy life style our routine has become mechanical, resulting in us to indulge in more of packaged food having a lot of preservatives, artificial  colors and flavorings. We are moving away from consuming food grown from our farms and native crops. Naturally grown food which are home cooked are always the best for our health as they are prepared fresh since ingredients particularly oil are carefully chosen.

Top 10 ways for a good health and well-being:

  1. When you get up in the morning, First thing is to eat a fruit / soaked almonds within 15 minutes of waking up. This will keep in control

a. The body glucose levels

b. Body fat and

c. Acidity

  1. Always eat foods that are seasonal and local. For example, if you are in Mumbai, eat oranges more than apples and vice versa if you are in Himachal.
  2. While eating food, keep gadgets away and let your body guide you how much to eat and when to stop. Everyone’s body knows its hunger and its limit to assimilate food.
  3. Be more physically active. Walk more and exercise regularly. If you are physically very active, eat more food and if less physically active, eat less.
  4. Women need to particularly take extra care of themselves as they undergo physiological changes and most of them suffer from thyroid, calcium deficiency, arthritis and zinc deficiencies. Hence, having calcium and zinc supplements can always help them retain good health.
  5. Always ask your mother/grand mothers what to eat when you are sick. They know the best about your body. Listen to them and follow them blindly for diet rules, and you will see how your health improves by many folds.
  6. It is utmost important to keep your breakfast healthy and heavy, lunch lighter than breakfast and have a small meal post lunch around 4pm (Buttermilk/a fruit/green tea/a glass of milk). Dinner can be planned at 8pm.
  7. If you are trying to lose weight, have 2-3 cups of green tea between your meals and if you are trying to gain weight, then perform strength training to gain muscle weight.
  8. Have more dairy products in summer-a glass of milk, a cheese slice, a bowl of curd tossed with jeera and salt, yogurt to keep your stomach cool and have sufficient beneficial  gut bacteria.
  9. Last but not the least, take special care of your mind and mental health. Think positive, read good books, spread positive vibrations and be thankful while having your food. All these can have an impact on the overall health of human body.

Some easy to go tips are always helpful. Follow them. Build up the right habits and lifestyle. See how your overall health improves.