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A woman has to sacrifice a lot when she gets married, adopting to a new life, new atmosphere. With marriage comes many responsibilities and even today, many women are unaware of the contraception and birth control pills. This post is a shoot out to all women who are looking for birth control options & family planning knowledge.

Let us look at the easily available options for contraception:

  1. Female condoms:

The easiest yet protective method for birth control is using a Female Condom. It loosely fits the vagina & prevents the sperm entry. Although expensive, it is a strong protection against sexually transmitted disease & a good birth control option. Very rarely found in India and is also expensive.

  1. Intra uterine Device (IUD):

A copper IUD is the commonly available device used widely by women all over the world. A good nurse/doctor is needed to fit the copper ‘T’ in your vagina, which blocks the sperm entry into the lining of the vagina thus preventing the egg fusion with the sperm. They come with an expiry (1 year/3years/5years) & hence take a decision with your partner for choosing an appropriate device can be chosen.

Placing a copper IUD can increase your period flow, but do not panic. Your body will settle down to its application soon! There are many kinds available but always pick an imported Copper IUD, which is little expensive but on the long run, it is the cheapest option amongst all.

Birth Control Pill:

The oral contraceptive pill is very effective for preventing pregnancy and menstrual cramps. This pill thickens the mucus around the vagina hence stopping the ovary from releasing an egg. This thick lining prevents the sperm from entering the ovary thereby preventing the fertilization. Your cycle time may get little delayed or may begin early, but there is nothing to worry about it. An oral pill cost about INR 72.

  1. Natural Ways:

Apart from the above common contraception options, there are natural ways to avoid pregnancy too.

  • Withdrawal:

The male partner needs to be very careful while having sex with his partner. He needs to withdraw the sperm outside the vagina to prevent pregnancy. Pre-cum may cause pregnancy but the chances are very rare.

  • Sterilization:

When you have had kids & do not want any more children in future, then you can get operated to block your fallopian tubes, which will prevent egg to release from the ovary into the uterus. A good gynaecologist can be helpful guiding you the right time to get it done. Women needs to undergo an operation & depending on the hospital you choose, the prices will be charged.