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Cheers to Women’s Health!

Women is known to be very gentle yet daring. She is the back bone of every home. Hence, women’s health & betterment needs to be prioritized in every house. A woman forgets all her worries, neglects her health for the well being of her family, which is adversely affecting her psychological and physical health. There are 3 important physiological activities missing in men:

  1. Mensuration
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Lactation

With so many hormonal changes occurring in women, it adversely affects her mental health. Women has more emotions than me- she loves more, she fights more! A woman is prone to depression and frustration. A woman’s hormonal activities changes with age. To keep a woman’s health calm and steady, it is utmost important that she maintains a proper diet.

Some common health problems faced by all the women around the globe is:

  1. Anaemia
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Pre-menstrual syndrome
  4. Hypertension
  5. Thyroid

Many of these diseases are due to poor diet. A healthy diet will keep her mood swings stable, solve all her PMS issues, ease pregnancy and lactation, increase haemoglobin content (solves anaemia), and will cure thyroid. A protein rich, mineral & vitamin rich foods is very important for a woman, although she may not release the importance of the diet.

“If a woman’s health is improved, proportionately will society”

Malnutrition makes a woman vulnerable to ‘n’ of diseases and hence, the immunity of a woman body reduces. Did you ever wonder why most of the women suffer from migraines? A lot of woman wake up cranky in the morning. Assimilating the right nutrients will solve majority of her problems, mood swings being predominant!

Follow the following rituals & notice some changes in you:

  1. Have a banana first thing in the morning within 15mins after you wake up. The combination of tryptophan and Vitamin B6 will keep your mood uplifted.
  2. Have soaked dry fruits; almonds, anjeer, walnuts daily.
  3. 2 glasses of milk daily to get calcium and vitamin D which will keep bones healthy.
  4. Have fruits to get adequate vitamins and minerals.
  5. Do strength training once to twice a week to solve PMS & Thyroid issues.

A little care & consciousness about one’s health should be the resolution of this womens day, 2018.